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More upgrades to the large Delta 3D printer

In this post I describe three further upgrades: 24V power, moving the electronics under the bed, and the Robotdigg aluminium effector.

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Upgrading the large delta printer

In my previous entry I described my large Kossel-derivative delta printer. Since building it, I have upgraded it in a number of ways, which I will now describe.

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Building a large delta 3D printer

In this entry I describe how I built a largish delta printer based on the Kossel design. It started up as an upgrade to the Mini Kossel that I describe in earlier posts, but now there is very little of … Continue reading

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Upgrading the Mini Kossel to Duet Electronics Part 4: the Z probe

In earlier posts in this series, I described how to install and connect Duet electronics on a Mini Kossel, how to install and configure the firmware, and how to calibrate the printer. In this post I cover using a Z … Continue reading

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