More Delta Printer upgrades: WiFi and Silence!

Some of you may already know that I have been working on a new version of the Duet 3D printer electronics. The new board is called the Duet WiFi, and it a joint venture between my own company Escher3D and Think3DPrint3D. The first pre-production board arrived a few days ago. After bench testing it, the time came to install it in a 3D printer. I chose to install it in my delta printer, which is more demanding of the electronics than my Ormerod. Continue reading

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Print bed surface roundup

This time I will discuss the various print surfaces I have used and my experiences with them. Your results may differ. Continue reading

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Upgraded arms for the large delta printer

My large delta printer has been working quite well since the last round of upgrades, but two issues have been bugging me. First, although spiral vase prints were excellent with perfect layer registration, some other prints showed a small misalignment between some of the layers. Second, when I measured the trigger height of the IR sensor at each probe point, I found that the trigger height close to the Z tower was about 0.25mm higher than in most other places. I corrected for this using the H parameter for the probe points affected on the corresponding G30 commands in the bed.g file, so it didn’t affect the delta calibration. But it shouldn’t have been necessary. Continue reading

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More upgrades to the large Delta 3D printer

In this post I describe three further upgrades: 24V power, moving the electronics under the bed, and the Robotdigg aluminium effector. Continue reading

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Upgrading the large delta printer

In my previous entry I described my large Kossel-derivative delta printer. Since building it, I have upgraded it in a number of ways, which I will now describe. Continue reading

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Building a large delta 3D printer

In this entry I describe how I built a largish delta printer based on the Kossel design. It started up as an upgrade to the Mini Kossel that I describe in earlier posts, but now there is very little of the Mini Kossel left in it. Continue reading

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Upgrading the Mini Kossel to Duet Electronics Part 4: the Z probe

In earlier posts in this series, I described how to install and connect Duet electronics on a Mini Kossel, how to install and configure the firmware, and how to calibrate the printer. In this post I cover using a Z probe. Continue reading

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